How to Register Copy Trade Service.

How to Register Copy Trade Service.

1.Go to,Select Copy & Invest > Copy System.

Select Copy & Invest > Copy System – Click to Enlarge

2.Scroll down until you see below figures click BECOME A FOLLOWER.

Click become a follower – Click to Enlarge.

3.Click Copy button.

Click Copy – Click to Enlarge.

4.You need to register new Account for copy trade, Click register.

Click Register – Click to Enlarge.

5.Key in Email and password that you register for MT4 Account.

Enter you details – Click to Enlarge.

6.Once success you will get congratulation message. Click continue

Click continue – Click to Enlarge.

7.Enter your trading account number and password. Only Classic and Pro account accepted for copy trade. Click here for how to add trading account.

Enter trading account – Click to Enlarge.

8.Click become follower.

Click follower – Click to Enlarge.

9.Select Supertrader > Click Copy.

Click copy – Click to Enlarge.

10.Select subscribtion type > Order based > Each profitable order 50%.

Select subscription type – Click to Enlarge.

11.Choose your trading account number > Choose your copy type. Example you choose fix set Volume you wish dor every pen trade.

Choose Copy type – Click to Enlarge.

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